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  • Does the portable have a urinal?
    Yes, all portables include a urinal inside.
  • Do we have containment trays?
    Yes, just for a small extra fee.
  • Do we charge for weekly service?
    No, weekly service is included with your monthly rental.
  • What is the servicing process?
    Pump out the waste, hose it down and scrub all around. Spray it down with our strong soap solution. Pour the blue liquid deodorizer into the toilet. Fill up the sink with new fresh water if needed. Restock paper towels, toilet paper, and seat covers.
  • How many people is for one standard unit for?
    For about 60 people. Please keep in mind if there will be food and beverages.
  • Will the unit come stocked up?
    Yes, already includes toilet paper, seat covers, and soap. (Please plan to have backup as we are not responsible if the toiletries get used up during event.)
  • Does the unit have lights inside?
    The lights are not included. If you would prefer a light inside it is an extra fee.
  • Do e deliver the units that you purchased?
    No, all units must be picked up at our Stockton location. If interested in buying/ viewing a unit please call our office to schedule an appointment.
  • Do we provide servicing on portables you purchased?
    Yes, you must call office if possible to get on cleaning schedule and set up an account.
  • Do we sell new or used portables?
    Yes, we sell used or new units.
  • What do the units come with when purchased?
    Units are always sold empty, customer is responsible for filling up holding tank with 5 gallons of water.
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